God's Song Collection (Kami-Kore)

Terms of Service

1. About this Terms of Service

This Terms of Service defines the relationship between "Kami-Kore's users" and "Kami-Kore" provided by the fox system.
This agreement applies to all relationships arising with respect to the use of this service. The user agrees to these Terms and shall use Kami-Kore.
When using this service by the user, please follow the guidelines separately defined by us.
The contents of this agreement are subject to change as necessary, so please refer to the latest terms and conditions before using.

2. About Privacy

Membership registration is required for Kami-Kore review.
User registration information and user information acquired by us are processed according to the privacy policy.
When a user sends an inappropriate post or sends important notifications from Kami-Kore, an e - mail is sent to the e - mail address acquired at the time of registration.
If you voluntarily display personal information in Kami-Kore (for example, if you entered your real name on your profile), that information can be viewed and used by other users.
We pay maximum attention to the protection of personal information.
However, it is the user's responsibility to transmit and disclose information.
Partners and sites accessible from Kami-Kore are independent of us and may collect personal information based on different personal information protection policy etc.
However, we are not responsible for these privacy policies and regulations.
The user is responsible for managing passwords and registration information.
We may use cookies and web beacons to provide good service to users of Kami-Kore.
Cookies can restrict cookie reception depending on the user's browser settings.
However, if you restrict it, you will be restricted from using Kami-Kore.
Web beacons are not used for the purpose of obtaining user's personal information.
For cookies and Web Beacon, please see the explanation below.

1) About cookie

Cookie is a mechanism for web site operators to temporarily record data on site users' computers. In cookie, you can record the information of the site user, the date and time of the last visit to the site, the number of visits of the site, and so on.
It is also used for site user identification, user authentication system, customization of services per user, and so on.

2) About Web Beacon

Web beacon is used to grasp the access situation of participants using transparent image files, scripts, etc. It is used to acquire statistical information such as web site usage status.

3. About service

Prohibition of diversion and resale of services

[1] Customers are not using or accessing Kami-Kore in the following cases. Activities aimed at sales activities or profits, or similar acts, and preparation for it. Religious activities, political activities, etc.

[2] Unauthorized reprint / unauthorized use of Kami-Kore's reviews is prohibited. However, those who posted are excluded.

[3] In case of earning a benefit using the review published in Kami-Kore, we can claim the profit equivalent.

Use, change, stop service

We may change the services offered to participants according to our circumstances.
Also, in case disasters, accidents or other emergency occurs, we may stop the service, so please understand in advance.
By changing / stopping the service etc. without obtaining prior consent of participants in advance, Even if participants or third parties suffer damage, we do not guarantee at all.

Facilities of service

In order for participants to use Kami-Kore, we have to access the web.
Participants need to prepare and operate equipment and software at their own responsibility and expense.
Kami-Kore does not concern the preparation, the method, etc. for the participant to access the web at all.

Copyright, property rights and others

Participants must observe the following matters.

[1] Unauthorized reprinting / unauthorized use of Kami-Kore's review prohibited. However, I will exclude the person who posted.

[2] At the time the participant posted to Kami-Kore, participants will grant the following contents to the Company free of charge. Copyrights in the domestic and overseas, Public Transmission, Distribution, Translation, etc. of Contents Submitted, Rights under Copyright Law
* Including the license for re-use from the Company to a third party

[3] The user who posted warrants that it has all rights under copyright law, such as reproduction, public transmission, distribution, translation / adaptation.
Therefore, please pay attention to the existence of rights under the copyright law.
In addition, when submitting by using a work of a third party, we assume that participants are obtaining permission.
Therefore, please be careful when using third-party copyrighted material.

[4] The Company or the third party who received permission from us for reuse may use the contents of the participant's writing on the site of our company or for providing contents to our affiliated site etc.
At this time, there is a case to summarize / extract a part of contribution contents of participants, resize / trim the posted image, and so on.
In addition, when using participant's contribution content, we will display the nickname when the participant posted.
In addition, we will use it with extreme caution, but in the unlikely event that the act of alteration violates the honor, reputation, etc. of the participants, please contact us.

[5] In the case where the Company or the third party who has received permission from the Company to use the contents of the contribution of the participant, there is no region restriction and obligation to indicate the copyright.
Participant's license period shall be until the copyright of the submitted content persists.
Also, no consideration such as royalties will occur.

[6] This agreement does not promise that we will grant participants the right to use the submitted content.
Therefore, we will refuse to use (reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, re-sell etc.) the content of contribution, except for the person who posted, for commercial purposes.

[7] We will not make any warranty on your damage, as a result of our company or a third party using the review.
In addition, if participants gain profits by using the posts posted on Kami - Kore, we will have the right to claim the amount equivalent to that profit.

4. Disclaimer

Use of Kami-Kore is at your own risk.
In addition, we need to comply with the following items.

Guarantee of music, artist, anime work,game works, character information etc

We will not guarantee any information about songs, artists,anime works, game works, character information etc. posted.
In addition, we will not make any compensation and involvement in respect of damage caused by the information on songs, artists, anime works, game works , character information etc. posted, and participants' troubles etc. Please understand in advance.
If information on songs, artists, anime works, game works, characters etc. posted is incorrect, please contact .

Guaranteed contents of description

We do not make any warranty regarding the contents of the reviews and images posted. Please use it at the discretion of participants.
In addition, we will not indemnify any damages for damages caused by posted contents and images (including damage caused by computer / virus infection caused by various contents created by participants) and troubles between participants So please be forewarned.

Link destination warranty

We do not guarantee anything about the website linked by the user and the site linked by external trackback.
Please use it at the discretion of participants.
In addition, we will not make any compensation and involvement in respect of damage caused by the link destination, troubles between participants, etc. Please be forewarned.

Review, Delete scoring content

Kami-Kore is a community made up of user postings.
In order to make it comfortable for participants, posts may be deleted without prior notice if a corresponding post is found below.
We will judge whether or not it corresponds to the deletion target.
Also, even if it does not fall under the following, please understand beforehand that you may be forced to delete the posted content due to circumstances of management and operation of this service.

(1) Those who slander or slander others (slander slander to individuals, production companies, affiliated companies)
(2) Infringe on the rights or privacy of others
(3) Infringe intellectual property rights such as copyright
(4) Personal complaints to production companies, publishers, sales companies, etc., concerning troubles and payments
(5) Contrary to laws and regulations, or criminal acts, those that lead to or encourage serious dangerous acts
(6) Contrary to public order and morals
(7) Purpose of this service or items not related to review subjects
(8) Including harmful programs, scripts, etc.
(9) Contents that aim for profit, content to offer personal trading / transfer, advertisement action
(10) What we judged inappropriate, such as hindering the operation of this service

5. Prohibited act

When participants use Kami-Kore, it is prohibited to conduct the following acts.

(1) Copying, copying, sending, assigning, distributing, distributing and reselling information provided by Kami-Kore without prior consent of the Company
(2) Be in violation of these Terms
(3) What is contrary to public order and morals
(4) It leads to criminal behavior
(5) Infringes on intellectual property rights (copyright, design right, utility model right, trademark right, patent right) of the Company, other members or third parties
(6) To disadvantage other participants or third parties
(7) interferes with the operation of the service or damages our credibility
(8) Other things to judge that we are inappropriate

Establishment / enforcement on November 1, 2017
Fox System