God's Song Collection (Kami-Kore)

Arranger:ZUN Song Search - Kami-Kore

Reach for the moon, immortal smoke

Septet for the Dead Princess

Is U.N. Owen her?

Taketori Flying ~ Lunatic Princess

Bloom gently, cherry blossoms of Sumizome ~ Border of Life

Girl Pretty song ~ Dream Battle

Gensonko Genso Koisumi Gensokyo

Hartmann's youkai girl

Shanghai tea house - Chinese Tea

Pure Hue Lies - the mind's place

Love Color Master Spark

Ghost Orchestra ~ Phantom Ensemble

Girl satori ~ 3rd eye

Emotional skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind

Little Princess shining needle

Monthly clock - Luna Dial

Millennial Gensokyo ~ History of the Moon

Faith is for the transient people

Magical girls' centennial festival

Flowering Night

Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall

God-known sun belief ~ Nuclear Fusion

Clown of the Stars and Banners

Tomboy love girl

Tono fantasy story

Doll Judgment ~ A girl who plays a person's shape

Crazy eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon

Toe of the 60th Year - Fate of Sixty Years

Dark side of fate

In the spring of Minato

Reverse ideology

Primitive Beat ~ Pristine Beat

Koi color magic

Greenwich in the sky

1884 Shanghai Alice

Lucky Girl ~ Girl's Secret Room

Maid and blood pocket watch

Toho Youyoumu - Ancient Temple

Broad Shootout Bird Thing ~ Till When?

I can only hear a song anymore