God's Song Collection (Kami-Kore)

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1. Anime Song

  • (1) Total Score
  • (2) Compose and Arrange
  • (3) Lyrics
  • (4) Singing Voice
  • (5) Anime Work's perfection

2. Vocaloid

  • (1) Total Score
  • (2) Compose and Arrange
  • (3) Lyrics
  • (4) Vocaloid Training
  • (5) Image/PV

3. Game Song

  • (1) Total Score
  • (2) Compose and Arrange
  • (3) Lyrics
  • (4) Singing Voice
  • (5) Game Work's perfection

4. Touhou Music

  • (1) Total Score

5. Touhou Vocal Song

  • (1) Total Score
  • (2) Arrange
  • (3) Lyrics
  • (4) Siging Voice

6. Utattemita

  • (1) Total Score
  • (2) Singing Skill
  • (4) Vocal Quality
  • (4) Expression

No.1 Native face

No.2 Tell the end is the sound of the bell

No.3 Reach for the moon, immortal smoke

No.4 Septet for the Dead Princess

No.5 Is U.N. Owen her?

No.6 Taketori Flying ~ Lunatic Princess

No.7 Adventure and friends ~ Epilogue ~

No.8 Small demon's spree

No.9 Bloom gently, cherry blossoms of Sumizome ~ Border of Life

No.10 Girl Pretty song ~ Dream Battle

No.11 Small demon's spree

No.12 Gensonko Genso Koisumi Gensokyo

No.13 Hartmann's youkai girl

No.14 Small demon's spree

No.15 Shanghai tea house - Chinese Tea

No.16 Necrofantasia

No.17 Pure Hue Lies - the mind's place

No.18 Shirane Sakura Haka no Sato

No.19 Love Color Master Spark

No.20 Ghost Orchestra ~ Phantom Ensemble

No.21 Girl satori ~ 3rd eye

No.22 Emotional skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind

No.23 Little Princess shining needle

No.25 Monthly clock - Luna Dial

No.26 Last remote

No.27 Millennial Gensokyo ~ History of the Moon

No.28 Faith is for the transient people

No.29 Magus Night

No.30 Desire drive

No.31 Magical girls' centennial festival

No.32 Flowering Night

No.33 Wind God girl

No.34 Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall

No.35 God-known sun belief ~ Nuclear Fusion

No.36 Clown of the Stars and Banners

No.38 Tomboy love girl

No.39 Tono fantasy story

No.40 Doll Judgment ~ A girl who plays a person's shape

No.41 Crazy eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon

No.42 Toe of the 60th Year - Fate of Sixty Years

No.43 Dark side of fate

No.44 In the spring of Minato

No.45 peaceful alien

No.46 Reverse ideology

No.47 Primitive Beat ~ Pristine Beat

No.48 Koi color magic

No.49 Greenwich in the sky

No.50 1884 Shanghai Alice