God's Song Collection (Kami-Kore)


1. About "God's Song Collection (Kami-Kore)"

"God's Song Collection (Kami-Kore)" saves reviews and scoring for songs such as anime songs, vocaloid, game song, Toho song, Utattemita on the server and publishes it on the web .
By summarizing these reviews and grades, you can easily search "God's Song" of the world.
Also, you can view reviews of various people about your favorite songs.

2. About Scoring Songs

When scoring a song, be sure to score according to the "grading standard", and if you do not know, select "do not evaluate".

3. About comments on Song

When writing comments on songs, I appreciate it if I can write while thinking about the following.
(1) What kind of things do you like (where do you dislike)
(2) When are you listening?
(3) Information accompanying the song

Also, Kami-Kore can freely review users with various ideas.
Since each review is "individual subjectivity", review does not change the value of users, artists, works etc.
However, please refrain from intentionally changing the value of users, artists, works etc. Good example) The lyrics of XXX suits the world view of animation and I like it.
Good example) XXX I hate lyrics because it does not fit the world view of animation.
Bad example) Listening to this song is a waste of time.
Bad example) Users who add 5 points to this composition are strange.

4. About the participation of people who do not like nerd songs

Kami-kore is active on the premise that "people who like geek singing gather".
I feel sorry for the person who dislikes "geek songs", but I would like to refrain from using the site.
Depending on the content of the review, please be aware that you may take measures such as stopping your account. "

5. About copyright and other intellectual property rights

When quoting things protected by copyright such as lyrics, please clearly distinguish between quoted parts and comments.
Please judge whether the contributor infringes copyright laws and other laws and regulations. * We are not responsible, so please be forewarned.
Also, please be aware that if you use images downloaded without permission from other sites with icons etc of users, copyright infringement may be applicable.
Also, please do not reprint or reprint Kami - Kore 's review without permission, except for those who submitted the review.

6. Information on songs, reviews, etc.

It may be changed / deleted without notice.
Please be careful.