God's Song Collection (Kami-Kore)

ZUN(Zunn)'s Composer Information

Composer Information

Average Point of Related Songs3.01

Related Group 上海アリス幻樂団
Related Group (ruby) しゃんはいありすげんがくだん

ZUN's Song

Cirno's Perfect Math Class

4.03 Arranger:5 Lyrics:5 Voice Quality:5

Singer Name:Kimu, Fujisaki Karinn(Miko)


Help me, ERINNNNNN!!

3.71 Arranger:4.5 Lyrics:4 Voice Quality:4

Singer Name:BīTo Mario

Arranger:Myū Sannichiyonn, Sekkennya

Reach for the moon, immortal smoke

Septet for the Dead Princess